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Introducing: The Deaf Runner

Yep, that’s right. I’ve finally broken down and taken leave of my senses. I am now officially entering the world of running.

I’ve created a blog to chronicle my adventures. You can read it here: The Deaf Runner.

After a couple months of walking the 1-mile path at work every night, I realized I needed to do more than that; I needed to do something while I was at home. So today I started a week-long walking program designed to familiarize myself with the loop around my apartment complex. I’ll be looking through the area, noting where things are not that safe to walk, looking for alternative routes, all that stuff. It may be all I can do is backtrack instead of forging through unsafe areas. But the goal is to begin walk-running that mile starting next Monday. I’m doing Dave Ramsey’s snowball principle here!

Here’s what I wrote after my walk this afternoon:

2:00 PM / 93° / 1 mile / 35 minutes

As reported in the previous post, I walked the 1-mile loop around my apartment complex. I took the dog with me for company; Reese needs the exercise too. She’s cooped up in here much more than we are and has no real outlet for her energy. With the various stops we made for her to mark her territory and do her business, this was a very leisurely walk at the start. But once I got tired of Reese’s constant stops to mark her spot, I got her moving with constant leash commands.

I learned pretty quickly this will be a good course for me to start on. There are a few slight hills, which will give me some variation. I can follow the sidewalk most of the way, until I get to the main road. I also learned the main road is not the safest place to be – no sidewalk and almost no shoulder whatsoever a good part of the way back to the lower apartment entrance. On my next walk I will investigate possible shortcuts through the trees. If there is nothing feasible, I will just backtrack, giving me just over a mile.

I was pretty pleased at the time of the walk. Way back in middle school/jr. high, when I was in Boy Scouts, I could comfortably hike 4 miles in 2 hours at an unhurried pace. Through rough terrain. While I’m sure that’s something to scoff at, I think that’s a pretty good pace. I know my mother-in-law can cover that much quicker, but oh well.

Reese tried to quit after the half-mile, and was literally begging for a stop as we entered the home stretch. Tongue lolling, all she wanted to do was drink and rest. Once we got back she went straight for her water bowl and was drinking like it was going out of style. Me, I had just started to break a sweat, but I think that was more due to the heat than the walk. I took a hot/cold shower and made myself a PBJ with milk.

I feel pretty good, no soreness or tiredness. We’ll see how I hold up after a week of this. Meanwhile, I will be walking the path to my building at work. According to MapMyRun, it is exactly one walking mile from the UPS entrance to my building. So I may get in 3 miles walking today. I’ll let you know when I get home.

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  1. September 2, 2008 at 11:49 am

    Like Forest Gump used to say, “I felt like runnin’!”

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