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Boarding the Twitter Train

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve bitten the bullet and joined the parade of Twitter tweeters. If you don’t know, Twitter is a web-based application that is intended to provide instant information about its users. You might say a person’s Twitter site is a “sound-bite blog,” so to speak. Instead of writing an entire post about “where I am right now,” I can actually “tweet” snippets of my day on the site. It functions almost like the old AOL “away messages” we made for our IMs. I added an RSS feed in the left sidebar so you can see my 5 most recent tweets.

Why join Twitter? Don’t I have enough technological “junk” already?

I’m firmly convinced that my Vista computer and iPhone have left me with way too much tech, none of which I necessarily need beyond the internet and Microsoft Office. Part of that is from our society’s compulsion to build bigger, better, badder and faster. Just to get what you need these days, you have to purchase the whole shebang. There’s a benefit to that — while everyone else is on the newest Windows or Mac version 10 years from now, I’ll still have everything I’ll ever need on my Vista Monster. That will save me lots of money long-term. Unless, of course, there is a drastic change in technology or I have another computer meltdown between then and now.

But after palling around the Twitter site for a day, and after having spent the week checking the iPhone Twitter apps in my spare time, I was convinced in the end it would be better to use it than not.

Twitter can improve one’s blogging by leaving out that “where I am right now” info that nobody really wants to know except your wife, mother and grandmother. You can focus on writing posts of substance, posts that matter. Of course, one doesn’t have to do that, but I digress. Also if someone wants to get in touch with you, they can simply check your Twitter feed to see if you are available at that moment. For example, if I tweeted, “In the office at church,” one of my church members would know I’m in my office hours and could stop by or email me and I’d be available.

I think my mom, dad, and grandmother will benefit from my use of Twitter more than anyone else, since Twitter provides essentially up-to-the-minute updates of what’s going on in my life. I know the fam likes having us update them on how things are — especially as we are traveling — and email isn’t always reliable; more so since neither I nor my wife can understand voices on the phone. Instead of having to wait for the most recent email from our pagers (especially if we’re in a low- or no-signal area), the fam can simply check Twitter to see the most recent information.

If you’d like the actual web page for my Twitter, click here. For the RSS users, just click on the RSS symbol there in the sidebar or on the bottom left of my Twitter page.

And for those of you wondering just how much my iPhone has corrupted me with the evil Force influence of Apple, here’s some evidence: I made Firefox my default web browser a couple of weeks ago, completely supplanting Internet Explorer as my browser of choice. Further, I’m writing this post on a Safari browser I downloaded to my desktop to try out. Yes, that means in the next few years I might be persuaded to make a certain purchase, switching me from Windows.

But only on the laptop front. I love my desktop Windows behemoth.


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