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Ten Questions for 2009, Part 3

Thanks for joining as I blog through Don Whitney’s Ten Questions for the New Year. For previous posts in the series click here: Part 1, Part 2

6. What is the most helpful new way you could strengthen your church?
I actually am not quite sure of the answer to this one. I need to have a good, thoughtful discussion with our senior pastor before I can give a good answer. There are several areas in which our church is in great need of strengthening, and I’m not sure which one is the most urgent and important – they all seem urgent and important!

Our people need to learn to spend significant time in the Word and in prayer. They need to learn to commit themselves to faithful church attendance and service. They need to learn what it means to live lives of holiness. They need to learn to be strong witnesses in our community. All of these things are very basic to what it means to live a “Christian” life. That makes it very difficult to pick just one!

7. For whose salvation will you pray most fervently this year?
As far as our Deaf people go, I’m going to keep this one to myself. Beyond this, I have determined to pray for the salvation of my co-workers and employees at work. I will pray that God will bring me and other believers at work opportunities to speak the Gospel into their lives; that he will place people in their lives outside of work that will share the truth with them; and that he will bring those of them that he has appointed to eternal life to himself that he might be glorified in them. Our company is a great, great place to work; it is also a vast untapped mission field. I want God to be glorified at UPS not only through the work and character of believers there, but through the witness of the truth we share through that work, character, and words.

I could go ahead and give a couple more questions, but this is a weird day, so I will stop here. Next time we will look at questions 8 and 9.

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