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Charles Spurgeon in Harper’s Magazine

I have just been wowed by this gem discovered by Phil Johnson of Team Pyromaniacs. It’s from a very old issue of Harper’s Magazine. Go here to read the post. The wow part:

In the course of his sermon Mr. Spurgeon presented the following picture of the Day of Judgment: “I think I see the judgment seat and the resurrection-day, A mother with her children are standing there. Three or four of her little babes are saved for endless glory. Their little bodies have put on immortality and life; and where are you who have been permitted to live longer? The stars fire falling from heaven, the sun is changed to darkness, and the moon into blood. But, lo! there is silence in heaven, and a voice is heard, ‘Gather my elect from the four winds of heaven! Your mother is about to be taken into the company of the blessed forever. ‘Mother!’ shrieks the son, ‘lean not be separated from you forever, Save me! Oh, save me! make intercession to the judge for me. He will hear thy cry, though he will not hear mine!’ ‘My son,’ she will reply, ‘I directed thy feet to God when thou wast young. On my breast you lay when my prayers went up to God for your soul. I taught you to lisp the name of Jesus, and your lips to utter his precious name. Do you not remember how, when you grew older, I taught you the way to heaven? But the time came when you scorned a father’s prayers and mocked a mother’s tears. But now your mother says, now, my son, it is changed. I can weep no more now, for I am glorified. I can pray no more for you now, for prayers are useless here. You are justly lost. You are damned, and I must say Amen to your condemnation.'”


Father, I pray that you will make my wife and I faithful and successful witnesses of the Gospel of your Son Jesus Christ to all the children you have foreordained to bless us with.

  1. February 12, 2009 at 3:50 pm

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