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Great Commission Resurgence: Reintroduction

Last fall I began posting about a Great Commission Resurgence with the intention of looking at how such a movement would look in Deaf ministry. Unfortunately, that series also coincided with a cooling trend in the blogosphere — in which many bloggers began to post less, took a hiatus or simply quit altogether — that I was not immune to. I only made one post in the series. However, with the conclusion of the 2009 Southern Baptist Convention, and the passage of the Great Commission Resurgence by 95% of the messengers, the time has come to seriously pursue the writing of this long-delayed series.

Let me begin by reminding you of what I wrote in a previous post about Baptist Battles concerning the Gospel.

The Gospel
This is the next great “Baptist Battle.” We Baptists have lost or obscured the Gospel. We no longer seek to meet the real need of the lost nor of our own people, choosing instead to focus on “felt needs” so that everyone gets their spiritual warm and fuzzies. No wonder our churches struggled with all the previous battles! When the Gospel is lost or obscured, confusion and false teaching have inroads.

That’s why I believe the next great “Baptist Battle” will be for the recovery of the biblical Gospel. Southern Baptists must stop this theological tomfoolery we’ve been engaged in and start making real change in our denomination. And the only way to see real change is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Only the Gospel can change a person, a church, a denomination. And until we believe that — truly believe that — we will continue to pass ill-considered resolutions, offer really silly and sometimes downright stupid programs and emphases, and generally continue to miss the point.

Towards that end, some in the SBC are taking practical and theological steps to correct our path. There is a call going out — not from Nashville — but from the seminaries and churches who are deeply, deeply concerned about the Gospel penetrating all aspects of the church and the believer. That call is for a Great Commission Resurgence. And the current SBC President, Johnny Hunt, has taken up that call.

We must ask ourselves: “What is the Gospel? How does the Gospel impact me, change me, shape me? How does it impact my life, my family, my friends, my work? How does it change the way I view and relate to the world?”

As I said in the conclusion of that post, over the next several weeks, I’m going to dedicate this blog to answering these questions. And I will be attempting to answer how a Great Commission Resurgence could impact Deaf ministry. Deaf people have not really been involved in many of these “Baptist Battles.” But the battle for the Gospel is one we cannot afford to miss.

Join us tomorrow as I repost my first offering in this series: “Great Commission Resurgence: The Gospel and Deaf Ministry.”

  1. June 25, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    Hey Stephen, Praying for you and your ministry. Hope your encouragement continues and that there be a revival, awakening and reformation in your field of service!

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