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NCAA Football 2009 Preview – Top 10

Now, with no further ado, let’s look at this year’s Silent Holocron Top Ten.

1. Florida. Do I really need to explain this one? They return virtually everyone but Percy Harvin and a player here or there. I think the only team that can beat Florida this year is, well, Florida. Everyone will be gunning for them, so I expect to see several close games. If they lose anywhere, it could be in the national title game, provided the team they face is equally as successful.

2. Texas (tie). I really think they got screwed out of the national title game last year. But we will see if this ranking is deserved.

2. Oklahoma (tie). The Sooners were the recipient of good fortune, getting the BCS nod in the Big 12 when they really shouldn’t have. But they were just as good as the Longhorns. They may be even better this year as they are the Florida of the Big 12, returning a good cast of characters. Can they beat the Longhorns? Can they show they really are the elite team they aspire to be?

4. Southern Cal. The Trojans find their way into the top 5 every year. I don’t expect this year to be any different. But we will see how many upsets they give up this campaign.

5. Alabama (tie). Have the Crimson Tide returned to tradition? Can they repeat? I think they can, but only if they beat LSU on Nov. 7.

5. Ohio State (tie). Front-runner for underachiever of the decade, the Buckeyes will need to annihilate the competition this year to get considered for another national title game letdown.

7. LSU. That’s right, I’m calling for Les Miles to use last year’s experience-gaining season to build what will at the very minimum be a 10-win season. I think they will beat Alabama and lose to Florida twice before annihilating the Texas – Oklahoma loser in a bowl game.

8. Mississippi. No one’s taken the Rebels this seriously since the Eli Manning days. Now that Ole Miss finally has a good coach after inexplicably running out David Cutcliffe, expect Houston Nutt to have a team that will compete for SEC championships yearly.

9. Virginia Tech. I’m penciling the Hokies in to win the ACC. They may even go as far as a single loss. But they aren’t BCS material compared to my top 5.

10. Penn State. I’m convinced Joe Paterno has for the past few years secretly been telling players he’s going to retire if they don’t start winning. If they beat Ohio State, they’re Big 10 champs this year, hands down. But again, not national title material.

Honorable Mentions: Georgia, California, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Boise State.

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