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News From the Cloning Facility: Baby Update

This is the email I sent out to my family and close friends just a few minutes ago for our most recent update about our impending birth.


We had our next-to-last OB-GYN appointment today at 1. Just got home from that. We were hoping that this time we might have the possibility of a regular birth instead of a C-section, but the news today has all but removed that option – Trey or Cassandra (whichever it is) is transverse. If you don’t know what that means, it means the kid is laying sideways rather than up and down. Also, that means Tricia has not dilated at all. So unless something changes between today and our final appointment next Tuesday, we will almost certainly have a C-section as scheduled Friday August 28.

The tentative plan right now is that I will work that Thursday night and start “paternity leave” that Friday. We will then go into the hospital at 12 noon, do the pre-op stuff, and the kid will be born by 2:00. My mom will be with us (as she was when Grace was born), and I don’t think we know for sure yet what Tricia’s mom is going to do – we will be talking about that this week.

Grace is still not sleeping in her toddler bed – she is either being stubborn or she just isn’t used to it yet. Since the new kid will be in the bassinet in our bedroom for a while, we hope that Grace will finally start using her bed by the time we switch the new one to the crib. She still isn’t sure what’s going on just yet – we have been taking her with us to the doctor and she gets wide eyed and won’t leave my side while the doctor examines Tricia! Hopefully she will realize why we’ve been giving her Tricia’s baby doll to play with and teaching her how to hold it once #2 is born!

If you didn’t already know or have forgotten, these are the names we will be using for the new kid:

Boy: Joseph Stephen Newell III (Trey)

Girl: Cassandra Elaine Newell

Obviously we are keeping the line running with the boys. The girl name is a very old family name. Grandmother (Martha) says it is the first Newell woman we actually have a name for, and she is from the mid-1800s, around the time of the Civil War. I’m sure she can enlighten you on that name a bit more. Elaine is Tricia’s middle name, she wants to pass that on and had already decided she wanted this as a middle name even before she became pregnant with this one.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and good thoughts, they are much needed, even more so now in the wake of Granddaddy’s going home to Jesus. We will be keeping you updated as we get closer. Love you all and may God bless you today!

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